BNBF Scottish 2018 Results

1st Michael Boyle
2nd William Duthie
3rd Stuart Balsille
4th Grant McLachlin

Over 50
1st Atholll Brechin
2nd David Shorthouse

1st Dalton Taylor
2nd Robert Brown (awarded 2nd on head judge decision)
2nd Karl Lingard
4th Santiago Saldana
5th Da Wei

1st Chris McCreadie
2nd Tamuka Mutlandwa

Miss Athletic
1st Samira Benzidan (Awarded 1st on head judge decision)
1st Gemma Wood
3rd Louise Gillan
4th Katy Walker
5th Fiona Hamilton
6th Pauline Ferguson
7th Caroline Jarret

Masters Figure
1st Lindsay Davies
2nd Corrie Keith
3rd Lisa Walker Easton
4th Kim Shaw
5th Nadja Sheilds
6th Susan Hutton

1st Chris Wilson
2nd Jack James Wilson
3rd Sam Flint
4th Sebastian Short
5th James Anderson
6th Kenneth Godfrey
Miss Physique (bodybuilding)
1st Sam Evans

Lightweight Men
1st Peter Nolan
2nd Pete McDougall
3rd Conor Moran
4th Ian Mitchell
5th Ross Jamieson

1st Tom Poyner
2nd Martin Lamont
3rd Raju Miah
4th Seyed Hashemi
5th James Rowan

1st Jonathan Dunn
2nd Andrew Halliday
3rd Thomas Wilkie

1st Carly Malcolmson
2nd Selina Cumming
3rd Rosie Tarbuck
4th Claire Spence
5th Agnes Kiss
6th Michelle Stewart

Best Wheels
Tom Poyner

Overall Winner
Tom Poyner


Over 50’s
1st John Madourie
2nd Barry Mulcahy
3rd Derek Dougan
4th Rob Cockerell
5th Carlos Cockburn
6th Mark Allix
7th Eddie Howarth ( Over 60’s Winner)

1st James Allen
2nd David Stewart

1st Jamie Sherrard
2nd Stephen Mulcahy
3rd Aiden McAlinden
4th Connor McGarry
5th Anthony Conn
6th Raymond O’Toole
7th Ben Whiteside

Miss Athletic
1st Karina Zakurdajeva

Masters Fig
1st Michelle Moult
2nd Katrina Swan
3rd Jenny Haller
4th Sinead Rock
5th Gillian Leech-Armstrong
6th Denise McArdle

1st Connall Mimnagh

1st Ryan Warwick
2nd Jack McLaughlin

Miss Physique
1st Zoe Neirinck

1st Delroy Kandarina
2nd Conor Moran
3rd Karl Donnelly
4th Paul Cullen
5th Marcin Napora
6th David Collins
7th Stephen Moult

1st Ben Golding
2nd Mairtin Gillen
3rd Michael Andrews
4th Callum Scott

1st Thomas Wilkie
2nd Kieran Murray

1st Niamh Drohan
2nd Gillian Henning

Best Wheels
Ben Golding

Overall Winner
Jamie Sherrard

BNBF Welsh Results 2018

1st Chris Chapman
2nd Ian Stevenson
3rd David Bloch

Over 50
1st Gary Arbon
2nd Colin Bennet
3rd Stephen Ferguson
4th Glynn Bell
5th Martin Cox
6th Paul Thorpe

Miss Athletic
1st Fiona Hamilton
2nd Anghared Ace
3rd Alex Kokkonen

1st Harry Armstrong
2nd Huw Iverney
3rd Matthew Owen
4th Chris Edwards
5th Steven Lee Williams
6th Chris Peacock

Masters Figure
1st Lillian Martin
2nd Sara Robinson
3rd Margia Mascaro
4th Natalie Demjanovicova
5th Lina Prats

1st Denis Mikov
2nd Shaquille Channer
3rd George Dowse
4th Cerith Evans
5th Aiden Coutts

Miss Physique
1st Nicky Rodgers
2nd Alison Moreland

1st Chris Paling
2nd Frank Salamanca
3rd Allan Walters
4th Jake Parson

1st Lukasz Suszek
2nd Gareth Fernquest
3rd Oggz Tia Okwee
4th Mathew Jeffery
5th Kyle Davies

1st Jerry Okoye
2nd Ed Gerring Brown
3rd Ryan Davies

1st Roberta Smailuite
2nd Hannah Hallsworth

Best Wheels
Denic Mikov

Overall Winner
Denis Mikov

BNBF Central Results 2018

1st Joao Pearson
2nd Howard Pearson

Over 50
1st Jon Bellis
2nd Keith Hale
3rd Rob Cotterill
4th Adrian Hampton
5th Jim Newton
6th Mar Sleimann
7th Over 70’s competitor
Michael Harrendence

1st BenModen

1st Adam Pow
2nd Cameron Norcliffe

Miss Athletic
1st Kate Higginotham
2nd Heather Warren
3rd Jocelyn Meyer

1st Max Louissaint
2nd Lloyd Brown
3rd Yiannis Michos
4th Rick Gregory
5th Petros Anastasiou

Miss Physique
1st Faye Brownjohn
2nd Christina Savva
3rd Alex Kokkonen

1st Acheampong Gyedu
2nd Jack Pe-Ad
3rd Patrick Marshall

1st Jake Steele
2nd Martin Sokolek
3rd Jason O’sullivan

1st Ali Stewart
2nd Darren Ogbebor
3rd Phillipe Davis
4th Nathan Nelson
5th Dan Smith

Masters Figure
Sara Robinson

1st Sarah Ford
2nd Chloe Chisolm
3rd Carla Chacksfield

Best Wheels
Ali Stewart

Overall Winner
Joao Amaro

BNBF Southern Results 2018

1st Howard Pearson
2nd Nick Openshaw
3rd Matthew Hall
4th Mike Brydan

Masters Over 50
1st Kenny Rye
2nd John Richardson
3rd Raif Mehmet
4th Glynn Bell
5th Adrian Hampton
6th Stephen Ferguson

Masters Over 60
1st Anwar Ghaith
2nd David Brice
3rd Andy Leigh
4th Ernie Yule

1st Kobri Amankwah

Miss Physique
1st Jo Barnett
2n Eve Cook

Miss Athletic
1st Joyce Nunu

Masters Figure
1st Sarah Godwin

(very tight class with 1st and 2nd even on points – a decision made on countback and 3-5th even on points and split on countback).
1st Andrew Dursley
2nd Arron Walters
3rd David Kaciak
4th Dale Spratt
5th Dan Sutcliffe
6th Max Norman

Lightweight Men
1st Luke Austin
2nd Jack Pe-Ad
3rd Achie Gyedu

1st James Poyner
2nd Opio Tia-Okwee
3rd Calum MacKay
4th Kobri Amankwah
5th Lukasz Suszek

1st Tobi Wilson
2nd Adam Brydon
3rd Andre Ngoss
4th Ed Gerring Brown

1st Beckie MacKay
2nd Dzenana Johnston
3rd Carla Chacksfield
4th Charlotte Barcelona

Overall Winner
James Poyner

BNBF Midlands Results 2018

1st Clifton Morais
2nd Neil Stanley
3rd Milan Korcok

Over 50
1st John Madourie
2nd Michael Boyle
3rd Denton Wilson
4th Carlos Cockburn
5th John Bullock
6th John Heath

Masters Figure
1st Jo Griffiths
2nd Claudia Brown
3rd Benita Linde

1st Kyle Davis
2nd Finn MacNamara
3rd Stuart Saunders
4th Max Norman
5th Entoni Kupe
6th Warren Mann

Miss Athletic
1st Lucy Bulass
2nd Charley Wright
3rd Tereza Slezovia
4th Alison Booker
5th Ruth Benjamin

1st William Tshikomb

1st James Hilton
2nd Dwayne Latinwo
3rd Aiden Scanion
4th Cain Pickard

Miss Figure
1st Zoe Solt
2nd Katy Smeathers
3rd Christine Clark
4th Jocelyne Meyer
5th = Edel Burns
5th = Sigita Catherall
6th Maria Selivaara

1st James Melville
2nd Chris Edge
3rd Damien Blackwood
4th Terry Holt
5th Graham McCann

1st Duncan MacDougall
2nd Alex Mackay
3rd Elliot Randall
4th Dan Steel

1st Steven Donoghue
2nd Ajaleon Dill
3rd Marcos Gava
4th Tom Foot
5th Andrew Turner

Miss Physique
1st Lauren Jackson

Best Wheels
Duncan MacDougall

Overall Winner
Duncan MacDougall

BNBF Northern Results 2018

1st Alex Park
2nd Dex Trivett
3rd Josh Armstrong

1st Daniel Argent
2nd Matthew Johnston
3rd Fridaos Addulrauf
4th Cain Pickard
5th Tom Moutray
6th Jacques Le Grove

1st Michael Moody
2nd Steve Morris
3rd Wes Fisher
4th Chris Flanagan

Over 50
1st Denton Wilson
2nd John Madourie
3rd Ifan Evans
4th Daniel Foggo
5th Carlos Cockburn
6th Rob Cotterill

Over 70
1st Geoff Harding
2nd Peter Elmes
3rd Ted Clifton

Masters Figure
1st Benita Linde
2nd Tabitha Luke-McLean
3rd Diane Myers

1st Daniel Althorp
2nd Marc Willetts
3rd Orrin Duhanney
4th Bradley Walsh
5th Chris Burns
6th Gareth Rae
7th Leejay Nelson
8th Stuart Trayner

1st Vicky Bradley
2nd Jenny Cockrill
3rd Beth Noble
4th Edel Burns
5th Parbs Kaar
6th Ami Philips

Miss Physique
1st Sam Coyle
2nd Elaine Elliot

1st Chris Egde
2nd Philip Harris
=3rd Thomas Brown Heskeith
=3rd Craig Dyson (4th on count back)
5th Cary Lawton
6th Sean Walker

1st Duncan MacDougall
2nd Kwabera Boakye
3rd Ryan Howell

1st Theo Golaub
2nd Solomon Onaola
3rd Matthew Clark

Miss Athletic
1st Rebekah Bailey
2nd Alison Booker
3rd Sonia Jones
4th Rachael Moore

Best Wheels
Duncan MacDougall

Theo Golaub

BNBF Britain Results 2018

1st Clifton Morais
2nd Steve Morris
3rd Mick Boyle
4th Howard Pearson
5th Chris Chapman
6th Ian Stevenson

Over 50
1st Gary Arbon
2nd John Madourie
3rd Ifan Evans
4th Jon Bellis
5th Keith Hale

Over 60
1st Denton Wilson
2nd Dave Driscall
3rd Anwar Ghaith
4th Colin Bennett
5th Atholl Brechin
6th John Bullock

Over 70
1st David Brice
2nd Geoff Harding
3rd John Morgan Jones
4th Eric Dowey
5th Michael Harrendence
6th Ted Clifton

Overall Master
Clifton Morais

Ultimate Female Athlete
1st Vicky Mirceta
2nd Sinead Martin
3rd Hannah Hallsworth

1st Charlie Brisbourne
2nd Nathan Jones

Masters Figure
1st Jo Griffiths
2nd Lindsay Davies
3rd Michelle Moult
4th Corrie Keith
5th Claudia Brown
6th Katrina Swann

1st William Tshikomb
2nd Robert Brown
3rd Connell Mimnagh
4th Karl Lingard
5th Dex Trivetts

Miss Physique
1st Sam Evans
2nd Faye Brown
3rd Christina Savva
4th Zoe Neirinck
5th Jo Barnett
6th Lauren Jackson

1st Denis Mikov
2nd Chris McCreadie
3rd Daniel Argent
4th Aiden Scanlon
5th James Hilton

Pro Men
1st Mark Claxton
2nd Michael Perrin
3rd David Hannah
4th DAz Cooper
5th Rick Waters
6th Gus Fisher

1st Dan Sutcliffe
2nd Chris Wilson
3rd Jamie Sherrard
4th Dawid Kaciak
5th Orrin Duhanney
6th Marc Willets

Miss Athletic
1st Charly Wright
2nd Gemma Wood
3rd Fiona Hamilton
4th Louise Gillan
5th Rebekah Bailey
6th Samira Benzidan

1st James Melville
2nd Damien Blackwwood
3rd Chris Paling
4th Martin Lamont
5th Chris Edge
6th Peter MacDougall

1st Opio Tia Okwee
2nd Tom Poyner
3rd Alex McKay
4th Steven Donoghue
5th Jake Steel
6th James Poyner

1st Adrian Simpson
2nd Jerry Okoye
3rd Ali Simpson
4th Solomon Onaola
5th Darren Ogbebor
=6th Adam Brydon
=6th Thomas Wilkie

1st Vicky Bradley
2nd Roberta Smailiute
3rd Zoe Solt
4th Sarah Ford
5th Carly Malcolmson
6th Rosie Tarbuck

Overall Figure
Jo Griffiths

Best Wheels
Dan Sutcliffe

Overall Male and New DFAC Pro
Adrian Simpson