BNBF Welsh Championships 2013


The Welsh venue the Dolman theatre Newport is a family run theatre and a great place to hold a BNBF show as the family feeling in the theatre compliments the family feel in the BNBF team. The red bus travelled from Scotland in the scorching heat without air con to make this day run as smoothly as possible for the BNBF Welsh athletes.
It was a ridiculously hot day and you could see the competitors were struggling with the heat but  undeterred  they battled the heat and each other to see who would be crowned BNBF Welsh champions.

The first class up was the Teen class
This was a tough class as each has very different attributes in 1st place was Ben Jenkins, Ben was the biggest in the class and had a lot of muscle for his years, however Ben lacked condition and this will be evident at Britain level. In 2nd was Jordon Tyler who had the best condition in the class, Jordon was weak in the legs and this throws of his symmetry and balance. In 3rd was Nathan Woodruff who wasn't as big as Ben in 1st or conditioned as Jordon he was however the best balanced with lovely symmetry and has great potential for the future. Three good teenager who have some work to do but promising futures.

Next was the Junior Class
In 1st place was Tom Thow, Tom has a huge upper body with impressive chest, shoulder and arm development. Tom was an impressive junior but will need to work hard to bring his legs and back up to match some of his other body-parts. He also needs to work on his posing to show off his physique better.
In 2nd was Vinnie Duoung, Vinnie was better balanced than Tom but his posing from the back was weak although he did have the best hamstring detail in the class. A very aesthetic physique. In 3rd was Ashleigh Evans who had a very good structure, a lovely V taper. Ashleigh seemed nervous on stage and his legs seemed soft although he may just not have been posing them enough. A bit more confidence next time Ashleigh.
4th was Ben Oliver, Ben has a great structure and was very impressive in the evening show he looked better and more confident in the evening. Ben just lacked the condition to push the higher places this time. 5th was Austin david Thomas who has great potential and stage presence just needs more time.
Also competing Ben Perry who just needs more condition and Peter Mercer who needs a bit more size.

1st was Wayne Tainton, Wayne had the best balance in the class with good condition. Wayne was a clear winner with the best balance of size shape and condition however he really needs to work on posing. Wayne was a bit pale and in the evening his midsection was very bloated. These things need to be looked at to challenge at Britain level.
2nd was Charlie McKee, Charlie lacked leg size and this held him back in the symmetry round but his condition and posing ability meant he leapt up the ranks significantly in the muscularity round. Charlie's condition, posing and routine pulled him up to 2nd place on this occasion. 3rd was the ever entertaining Frank Mensah who even with obvious pec tears is hard to ignore in the symmetry round with a wide back small waist and full quads. Frank on this occasion was a bit soft and this hurt him in the muscularity round meaning he took 3rd just missing out on a Britain invite. in 4th was Joe Danells, Joe is well put together, he was too pale and posed poorly on this outing, Joe has a lovely wide back but needs a bit more thickness in back and hamstrings. in 5th was David Bloch, David probably had the best balance and great aesthetics however condition let him down badly on this outing. 6th was Ian Stevenson, Ian has good development in his upper body but didnt pose his leg at all. Some work to be done on posing Ian.

Masters Over 50
This was a closely fought class between Chris Williams and Nick Short, Nick on first appearance looks the obvious winner with a very classic look and an imposing upper body and classic posing.

The judges were split but this time it was the better condition especially in the legs that was the decider and Chris narrowly took 1st over 2nd place Nick Short.
For the finals Nick look at posing your legs harder and bringing your condition in a bit, Chris your posing needs some work. Well done to you both.
In 3rd was Richard Hooley, Richard was in good condition but could do with a bit more size   a former fell runner turned bodybuilder now competing in the over 60s class at the Finals.
In 4th was Gerry Morgan who realistically had the most muscle however his condition hit what looks like could be an impressive over 50 physique. In 6th was Bryn Norman who always entertains and has fun on stage. Condition Bryn

Miss physique once again had only one competitor Karen Nolan had a lovely basic shape and good arms. However she needs better condition to really display her muscular development.

Novice was the biggest class of the day with a multitude of differing shapes and sizes.

The winner was announced as Dan Richardson who had the best balance of condition and size. Dan had a great full chest and good v taper with good condition in his legs. It was his balance that gave him the win. Try and be a bit more animated on stage especially for the finals. In 2nd was Gareth Fernquest who was a good novice and pushed hard for 1st he was thickly muscled and had huge arms but his posing was weak especially in his quarter turns leaving the door open for Dan to take the win. Gareth you were also bloated in the evening remember the evening is judged and if its close can make all the difference.
3rd was Peter Roche who looked the obvious winner from the front. He had crisp clean lines and from the front was excellent however the rear poses and posing let him down. He did receive a Britain invite and I am sure can change things for the finals. Peter remember the bits you cant see in the mirror. In 4th was Stuart Geddes, Stuart was by no means the biggest in the class and lacked size in his legs however his condition and posing along with full muscular chest and arms grabbed the judges attention and sealed him the 4th place. In 5th equal were Mark Heywood and James Taylor
Also competing James Beaumont, Tom Hamilton, Lee Jose, Gabor Kazinczi, Mike Peck, Ben Sampson and James Tantrum.

Lightweight Men
In 1st Place was Mark Lambert with the best balance of size and condition. Mark was a bit pale and could pose a bit better. Marks fuller muscle bellies and bigger legs ensured his 1st place
in 2nd was the shredded Gregorio Arias, Greg was really hard but probably sacrificed a bit muscle to get there and looked a bit stringy, a bit fuller next time out Greg.
In 3rd was Jada Castellari who had a good frame and condition he wasnt quite as hard as the others and a bit work on posing would make a difference.
In 4th was Mark Lee Loveridge, Mark was aesthetic but his condition wasnt good enough to challenge higher this time but a balanced physique with potential. In 5th was Robbie Bell, Robbie was slightly taller than the others so looked a bit slight, again good frame just a bit more time to grow and fill out his longer limbs.

The Middlweight class was next up. There were 4 in the class and they all had good shape but lack of condition was apparent in them all. The winner Peter Batai has great shape and was the best conditioned in the class. Peter has always looked like he has potential and gets better every outing. His tan and presentation helped him seal the 1st place this time out. Although Peter still harder for the finals. In 2nd was Warren Manners who was hard in the upper body and well muscled he was however soft in the hams and glutes which allowed Peter to take top spot. Good presentation from Warren things to work on would be condition and back width. In 3rd was Jake Griffiths and 4th was Phillip Brown both these competitors I have seen in better shape they both have good shape and would be more competitive if they were leaner.

Mens heavyweight was the last of the mens classes and due to the way the weights fell only 2 in this class. Both Tim and Ashley were a bit pale and have a bit work to do as both could be harder. Tim has good stage presence and out muscles Ashley sealing 1st place and his Britain final invite. Ashley is a bit slight for his height this is something that will just take more time to remedy.

The figure class was the last class of the day and I am always amazed at the work that goes into the presentation. The bikini, hair make up and shoes all perfect. The winner of this class was Rhiannon Pontin  who has a lovely neat shape with just enough taper to take the class. Rhiannon is very tidy and her T walk was classy, great tan and overall presentation. In 2nd was Lucy Walton the top 2 couldn't have been closer with the judges split on who would take top spot. Lucy was more muscular that Rhiannon but not quite as shapely again a great presentation. Lucy could possibly make the leap to the Miss Athletic class but would need to push her condition further, she does have the muscle for it.
In 3rd was Amie Lloyd, Amie was very conditioned and could afford to come in softer to give her a more curvy shapely look as this was verging on too hard for the figure class.
In 4th was Danielle Davies who had a lovely shape just lacked a little condition to make the top 3 .
Also competing Haley lewis, and Angela Thompson both well presented but just need better condition.

Overall champion - Peter Batai

Best Presentation Male-  Warren Manners

Best Presentation Female- Lucy Walton


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