BNBF Membership Rules

  1. All members must sign the BNBF membership application form before being accepted as a member. Members must be 7 years drug free on date of application.
  2. BNBF membership is for one year duration. Expiring on 31st Dec irrespective of date of joining.*
  3. You must be a member of the BNBF at least 14 days prior to competition.
  4. Teens, juniors and masters must be the appropriate age on the date of the Britain Finals.
  5. The BNBF may, at any time and without offering a reason, refuse any new applicant membership, and may withdraw membership to any existing member.
  6. All members shall observe and follow a proper code of conduct i.e. at competitions and when representing the BNBF. Members who bring the federation into disrepute will be suspended.
  7.  a) Entry to the BNBF British Final is by qualification only.
    b) Defending champions will get an invite to compete at the finals providing they compete within two years of winning the British title.
    c) Anyone placing at International competitions will receive a bye to the following Britain finals.
    d) The competitor who places 2nd (Male only) to the new pro will receive a bye to the Britain finals the following year.
  8. Any athlete who qualifiers for the British finals but opts not to compete may be asked to take a polygraph test at the time of the finals. Failure to comply will result in athlete being suspended until such times as a BNBF polygraph test has been completed.
  9. A competitor selected for a drug test must comply with the BNBF drug test officer and submit a urine sample. A competitor who refuses to comply will be viewed as a failure, and subsequently will be banned.
  10. BNBF members are responsible for reading the banned list and cannot use lack of knowledge in defence of failing a test.
  11. A failed drug test for all steroids, pro hormones, diuretics, growth hormones, peptides and other listed banned substances carries an obligatory 7 year ban. Failing to provide a sample, or refusal to do so after one has been requested, will result in a 7 year ban from competition.
  12. The BNBF follow strict testing protocols and have the testing done in registered WADA Lab


Drug test protocol

Competitor must open the testing kit him/herself which they then use to collect the urine sample in full view of the tester. The tester then checks the temperature and splits the sample in view of the competitor. The competitor then seals the split containers and signs the paperwork and the seals on the split sample. The competitor will then place the sealed containers in to a bag which again is sealed, and then they are sent to the lab. If there is any break in the seals when they arrive at the lab they are discarded without being tested. A female official will be present for any female competitors being tested.

BNBF Rules revised Feb 2017