The BNBF was established in 2000

In the year 2000 we established the BNBF with the mission of providing the best possible environment for Natural Bodybuilders to compete. Through the use of the best venues, top quality lighting and most importantly the most stringent drug testing policy in the sport. Adhering to these principles quickly established us at the forefront of Natural Bodybuilding in the UK, and year on year the Federation has expanded and gone from strength to strength.

Since then we have urine tested every single class winner at all our competitions and

every single Britain finalist has been polygraphed before being allowed on stage.

The BNBF is a non-profiting making organisation. All the revenue gathered from ticket sales and sponsorship is used to pay for the drug testing, and we also fund a team comprised of that season’s champions, so that they can compete internationally at the World Championships of our global affiliated Federation, the DFAC (Drug Free Athletes Coalition.)

All this wouldn’t be possible without:

The sponsors & their generosity.

The competitors with their hard work and dedication

Most importantly THE AUDIENCE by buying a Ticket for any BNBF competition you are enabling us to pay for drug testing and to send our athletes to compete abroad. For that we thank YOU!!!!!